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Making a Raised Wicking Bed

Making a Raised Wicking Bed

We've been making a lot of the permanent raised wicking beds lately so I thought I would document the process.

1. It starts in our Footscray workshop where we cut cypress sleepers to the correct size and construct 4 panels which will form the walls. The raised bed is assembled completely and then taken apart for transport.

Wicking bed construction in workshop

2. We get on site and make sure the surface is level, then we put the panels together again.

Wicking bed panels

3. The polyethylene liner is placed loosely inside the structure. The slotted drain pipe and infill pipe are put in place as well as as the overlflow pipe (which you can't see in the photo below because its on the far side). We fill with water to pull the liner into place and check there are no leaks.

wicking bed liner

4. Scoria is added until it covers the top of the slotted drainpipe, then the geotextile layer is added. The liner is stapled into place and cut back below the soil level.

Wicking bed geotextile

5. Normally we have to bring the vegie mix soil in via wheelbarrow and shovel into place. Good exercise for an old man:)


5. Finally its all done and we have a happy customer.

finished wicking bed with soil

Get planting and in a few weeks it will look like this:

raised bed with plants