Orto is operating during Covid-19 but with contactless deliveries. Orto is operating during Covid-19 but with contactless deliveries.


Custom modification $50


We can make custom variations to suit your requirement. This might be adding a seat, larger wheels, black painted finish, lattice or simply variations in size. We also do indoor versions for offices with air purifying plants.
Let us know what you need.
Wicking bed veggie garden on balcony

Orto Self-watering Planter Boxes

Grow your own fresh herbs and vegies at home or work.

Orto self-watering planter boxes feature:

  • an internal wicking bed that feeds your plants water from below
  • enclosed system suitable for sites where soil isn't perfect
  • overflow system means you cannot over water your plants by mistake
  • water reservoir that feeds your plants when you are away on holiday
  • water saving technology that uses 50% less water than traditional gardens
  • tough puncture-proof moulded PE wicking bed tank made locally from water tank offcuts
  • level checking pipe to see how much water is left
  • castors (for hard level surfaces) or timber feet if going onto grass or gravel
  • option for soil and plants provided if in Melbourne
  • made in Australia
  • sustainably sourced Cypress pine
  • no toxic chemical timber treatment
  • delivery time is 1-4 weeks.

Choose from four different sizes to suit your needs.

Click on the image below for the Orto set up and maintenance guide.

Orto set up and maintenance guide

Raised wicking bed veggie garden made from cypress timber

Raised Wicking Beds

Our raised wicking beds are for the backyard with enough space for some serious food growing. Each raised garden bed has a complete wicking bed system installed to save water and maximise growth rates. We install on site anywhere in Melbourne, and will provide soil and plants if required.

Material: 200 x 50mm Cypress Planks.

The wicking bed inside is lined with polyethylene liner and then a base layer is filled with 100mm perforated agi pipe and scoria. An outlet is plumbed into the bottom with an elbow and upright pipe to check level and allow overflow at the correct height. A layer of Geotextile then goes over the top the wicking bed before the soil mix goes in.

For reference,  the 1000x1000x600 raised wicking bed holds approx 70 litres of water and 0.5m3 of soil. So it can be worth getting a bulk load of soil/compost delivered rather than buying bags.

Normally we build the raised bed on site for you and then you supply your own soil and plants, although we now have an option to purchase soil via the website. Please call to discuss if you want plants.

We are testing out various methods of pest protection at the moment as each backyard has its own villains. We had a possum addicted to chillies at one stage event though chillies are sometime recommend as a possum deterrent...


We have a blog article documenting how we build the raised wicking beds on site.


Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens or green walls turn your wall space into a living garden. Plant selection can include edible herbs and vegies for your own supply of fresh food. Alternatively, in shaded areas ferns and foliage can create a cooler microclimate. Specific air purifying plants can be used indoors for better alertness and productivity.