Orto Self Watering Planter | Rustic Collection

The Orto planter box design includes an internal wicking bed that feeds your plants water from below.

-save over 50% water usage compared to regular raised garden beds

-impossible to over water your plants thanks to the overflow pipe outlet

-water reservoir will keep your plants at optimum moisture level if you go forget to water or go way for a few days

-castors allow you to move the planter box out of the way or to follow the best sun position throughout the year

-enclosed reservoir means no drips or seepage onto your own or neighbours balcony

-raised height is easy on the back and protects from pets digging

-solid pine exterior looks natural and doesn't heat up as much as plastic or metal tubs

-5mm thick recycled food grade PE water reservoir is more robust and puncture proof than plastic liner

-if you grow fresh food, you inevitably eat fresh food which is healthier and tastes better 

The original Orto planter box with wicking bed technology is made from locally grown pine and built in the tradition of fruit'n'veg market crates. 

The planters box is treated with linseed soil on the outside and lined with plastic tank liner on the inside to enhance longevity, but they will go grey as they age like the rest of us.

Castors are optional but recommended if you want to move the planter to the best sun position during the year or just push out of the way when you need the deck for other uses.

 The water reservoir is situated below the soil in tank made from food grade recycled polyethylene. Its 5mm thick so you don't need to worry about putting a tomato stake through it, and comes fitted with a bottom mounted overflow pipe which allows for easy flushing and level checking.

Available in three formats to suit your growing needs, time to get dirty......




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