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Kitchen garden

Grow your essentials at the back door
grow fresh healthy food at home

Grow fresh veggies at home or work

Self watering planter boxes with wicking beds and vertical garden systems.


Bob W. 05/05/18

Orto is great I got two of the Orto self watering planter boxes one with a built in mesh to grow a climber on. Couldn’t be any happier with them. It is wonderful to know that the plants just take the water they need and that I can go away for a month and they will still have water. Nick, who designed and built them, is a great guy and takes pride in his work. Thoroughly recommend them.

Bob W. 05/05/18

Robin 04/19/18

Orto herb box A handsome addition to our CBD balcony, the Orto supplies us with all the snip-and-go herbs we most use. The wicking system keeps everything in prime condition and allows us to be away from home knowing our little garden is still being looked after. Wish I had bought one years earlier!

Robin 04/19/18

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Grow $276 worth of food each year and save 79 plastic containers with Orto.

Grow $276 worth of food each year and save 79 plastic containers with Orto.

Your Orto self watering planter can produce 6.5kg of fresh food each year which equates to:

  • $276 worth of food if bought from Coles
  • Eliminates the demand for 79 plastic containers
  • Pays for itself in 2 years

Once you have a small garden its good to think about composting and reducing the amount of food waste going to landfill. Your plants will love the compost and you can help reduce Australia's 345kg of food waste per household per year.

Orto food production

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