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Call us on 0432-864-142 or via the email box below.

We are part of the Footscray Makers Lab Co-op at 210 Whitehall St, Footscray. You are welcome to come see us at work but please call beforehand to check somebody will be there.

To see a Orto planter box in action we recommend you check out some of the pop-up parks around Footscray and Yarraville that were established to help the community through the covid period.

There is the pop-up park established in Raleigh Street in Footscray which has become a popular place for locals to meet, relax and play.

The Byron Street Plaza pop-up park offers outdoor space for people to enjoy their take away food from neighbouring businesses. 

Over in Yarraville, the area in Ballarat Street between Canterbury Street and Anderson Street near the new public plaza offer an exquisite outdoor dining experience.



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