Living Small, Gardening Big - Indira Naidoo

Living Small, Gardening Big - Indira Naidoo

Feeling inspired thanks to the Living Small, Gardening Big talk presented by Victoria University and Maribyrnong City Council as part of the Footscray University Town initiative.

The line up of speakers included Jason Chongue - The Plant Society and Petrina Turner - Petrina Turner Design, but our sneaky highlight was getting to meet the coolest TV presenter ever, Indira Naidoo.

A bit of a plug for Indira's new book:

The Edible City

When Indira Naidoo transformed her tiny thirteenth-floor balcony into a bountiful kitchen garden, it changed her life forever. She joined the quiet revolution rolling through our cities – the army of urban gardeners turning concrete into crops, and harvests into hope. She also came to realise that gardening spaces in cities are limited only by the imagination . . .

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