Melbourne Post Covid

Melbourne Post Covid

As Melbourne emerged from the lockdown conditions imposed in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, local councils and hotels have been creating outdoor eating areas. Orto have been lucky to be involved in making the planter boxes for some of these pop up places.

It all starts in our small workshop at the Footscray Makers Lab. This is Tom on the tools.

Building planter boxes

We run out of storage room pretty quickly so we have to store finished planters outside. The large square ones are going to be for trees. 

Large square planters

On site there is a team that places everything according to the council plan. This project has a mix of our standard 120x42x69 Orto self watering planter boxes, and custom squares 100x100. They all have wicking beds inside so they don't need watering every day during summer.Set up planter boxes Yarraville

The planters get filled with soil and plants and the fairy lights get set up.

Fill planters with soil and plants

Then finally the most important part, people! If you build it they will come. 

Orto planters in YArraville


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