About us

Orto Urban Gardens started when a gardening fanatic kept asking her furniture making husband to build raised garden beds every other weekend....

Thankfully the jobs became more interesting and rewarding as different types of raised beds were researched and trialled, and even better, the kitchen started filling up with fresh home grown produce.

The main thing we discovered was that growing herbs and veggies for yourself is actually really easy even if you only have a small balcony or few metres of deck. Very little skill is required, you just need to start doing it and you don't have to worry about everything being perfect. Plants thrive in a variety of environments, so its not necessary to replicate exactly somebody else's idea of a perfect garden in order to have success.

For seasoned gardeners the rising cost of water has become an issue recently. Thanks to the work done by Colin Austin and others, the wicking bed system of watering from below has become better known and allows us save over 50% of water previously used on traditional raised garden beds. 

We hope that you might enjoy your gardens as much as we do, wherever that may be,

Nick Seymour

Founder Orto Urban Gardens