Orto self watering planter boxes with wicking beds

Orto self-watering planter boxes make it easy to grow fresh food at home or work. Each planter includes a wicking bed inside and the option of castors for mobility.

Wicking beds provide optimal soil moisture to maximise growth rates and use 50% less water than traditional raised garden beds. The internal water reservoir will feed your plants for 1-4 weeks if you cant be there to look after them. 

Cypress due to the natural oils in the timber has a class 1 durability rating and an above ground life expectancy of 40 years.

Orto self watering planter boxes are designed for food production and are free of any chemical treatments. To maximise longevity we line all boxes with food grade polyethylene so no soil comes into contact with the timber. 

Orto planter boxes can be placed on any surface for an instant garden. This is perfect for balconies and also sites where the soil is not great for gardening. There are tips and instructions on wicking beds in our FAQS section.

In small spaces the position for best light can change throughout the year. We use premium castors so you can move the planters around on flat surfaces as required. The raised height of a planter is great for accessing more sunlight as well as being easy on the back. It also helps reduce the attack of ground borne insects and pests which reduces the need for chemical control.

Perfect for your kitchen garden!

Orto Set Up and Maintenance Guide