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The Orto story.

Like our gardens, Orto is very simple and small scale. 

Outdoor areas in the city might seem quite small but actually there is a lot of potential spaces for food production. With a closed system like the Orto planter, you can grow herbs and veggies where you mightn't have thought it was possible.

Having fresh ingredients growing at your backdoor will change your cooking and eating in unexpected ways.

We love fresh food and are always trying to squeeze more veggie gardens into our own small space. That's where the inspiration for Orto Urban Gardens comes from.

Made in Melbourne

Local sourcing

We make our Orto boxes in Footscray, and try to source the materials from as close as we can find them. For example, the tuff rotation moulded water reservoir that is the key to our wicking system is made by our friends in Bendigo who mostly make water tanks. Every water tank has offcuts where they cut out holes, and these off cuts become the plastic used to make our water reservoir.

whats good about the orto


Save water

Water is becoming increasingly expensive so its reassuring to know wicking beds save up to 50% water compared to normal raised beds.

Easy on the back

No need to get down on your knees to snip off a few lettuce leaves, the Orto box is at a comfortable waist level height.

Follow the sun

On castors you can move the Orto box around to maximise sun in winter or out of the harshest sun in summer.

Enjoy your holiday

Dont stress if you have to go away for a week in summer, your plants will be fed water from below and be ready to harvest when you get back

Simple to use

The overflow feature makes it impossible to overwater your plants. You dont need to be an expert to grow your own food.

Eat healthy

Having fresh food growing at your back door will change the way you eat.