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  • An internal wicking bed that feeds your plants water from below
  • Overflow system means you cannot over water your plants by mistake
  • Enclosed system suitable for sites where soil isn't perfect
  • Water reservoir that feeds your plants when you are away for a week (longer in winter)
  • Water saving technology that uses 50% less water than traditional gardens
  • Level checking pipe to see how much water is left
  • Option for Organic Potting Mix
  • Made in Australia
  • Sustainably sourced Cypress pine
  • No toxic chemical timber treatment
  • Optional Orto logo


  • Rescued Golden Cypress- it has a 40 year durability rating without using any toxic chemicals or preservatives.
  • 304 Stainless Steel square drive screws
  • Stretch Ag-Pipe Slotted and Socked
  • Stainless Steel Staples
  • Heavy duty water tanking membrane
  • Scoria and Geotextile fabric
  • 40mm PVC inlet pipe w) optional pipe cap
  • Choice of castors (lockable one end) or timber feet

Delivery & Pick Up

We install on site anywhere in Melbourne, and will provide soil and if required.

Installation is included in the shipping cost.

Shipping cost per order is based on distance from the CBD-

  • $59 within 10km from the CBD
  • $79 11km -20km from the CBD
  • $99 21km - 40km from the CBD
  • $130 41km - 70km from the CBD
  • Please enquire regarding rural and interstate deliveries.

Do you ship interstate? Yes, we do ship interstate, please call us for a quote based on your location. Please note it is much cheaper if we can book your delivery to a factory, warehouse or depot. These deliveries cost approx $99 each and are normally trouble free, we then charge a packaging fee of $49 per garden box. It becomes more costly if we deliver to a home address and need to book a truck with a tail lift. Drivers do not advise exactly what time they will arrive so it can cause everyone a lot of stress if you are waiting at home for your delivery.

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Orto Urban Gardens

ORTO Self Watering Planter Box 90 x 90 x 69cm w) Seating

ORTO Self Watering Planter Box 90 x 90 x 69cm w) Seating

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Material: Cypress - 5 Boards High

(this is the bigger, slighty deeper size that councils and schools specify for trees)

Also available 4 boards high by request, (for veggies and shrubs).

Outside Dimensions: L 152 x W 152 x H 69cm

Garden Box  Dimensions: L 90 x W 90 x H 69cm

Does not include potting mix, we can supply if necessary.

Max Soil Depth = 43cm

Orto self-watering planter boxes include an internal wicking bed that feeds your plants water from below. You don't need to be an experienced gardener or have perfect soil conditions to grow your own fresh healthy herbs and vegies. Orto is a closed system that can be placed on any surface with a enough sunlight. You simply fill the water reservoir as required and harvest food as it grows. The water reservoir and overflow system mean you cannot over water your plants by mistake, and they will grow happily when you are away on holiday.

The internal water reservoir is a food-grade plastic liner fitted with an outlet at the base that controls water levels and allows for easy draining when required. Wicking beds are increasingly popular for urban veggie gardens because they save 50% water usage and optimise growth by providing exactly the right amount of soil moisture in the root zone. Orto wicking beds include a reservoir level checker and overflow pipe so that you cannot overwater your plants. You can see the wicking process explained more thoroughly in our FAQ section.

Orto planter boxes are hand made in Footscray at our co-operative workshop. You are welcome to come and see us at work or alternatively, check out the functioning Orto boxes in some of Melbourne's most delicious fresh food conscious cafes.

Our Cypress timber is sustainable sourced from rescued trees in Victoria. Cypress has a class 1 durability rating due to its natural oils and will last outdoors above ground for forty years. No chemicals or preservatives are used in the treatment of our timber, and we further extend longevity with a plastic liner preventing soil or water from contact with the timber.

Choose between timber feet or castors for no charge. Castors are suitable for hard flat surfaces ie. timber decks, pavers or cement. On softer surfaces like grass or gravel driveways, timber feet are recommended. Please choose which suits you best.

Delivery charge is from $59 per order based on your distance from Melbourne CBD. Pick up for free is also available from Footscray.

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